Partners HealthCare And Samsung Partner To Develop Mobile Health Solutions

Partners HealthCare today announced a new partnership with Samsung to develop the next generation of personalized digital and mobile solutions for health and wellness. The first phase of this collaboration will include software development and clinical research to deliver tools to improve chronic disease management.

Remote monitoring programs help patients and providers effectively manage chronic conditions, enabling patients to track their health, securely share personal health data with their provider and become collaborative partners in their care. Remote monitoring data, including blood pressure, blood glucose and weight, gives healthcare providers a more complete picture of a patient’s condition in order to effectively assess their health status and provide just-in-time care. Mobile health tools also help to improve patient engagement, medication adherence and empower individuals to better self-manage their health and wellness.

“We are excited to have access to the vast capabilities of Samsung Electronics to help improve the way we deliver care to our patients. This joint development program has the potential to significantly propel mHealth and personal connected health forward,” said Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH, Senior Director, Connected Health Innovation at Partners HealthCare.

“This project represents the start of how smart technology, intelligent algorithms and world class clinical expertise can be combined to change the paradigm of care delivery.” Dr. Jethwani will lead this research initiative at Partners HealthCare, which will launch in a clinical trial in June.

Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Vice President, Connected Health, Partners HealthCare said:

“This unprecedented new partnership brings to bear the unique strengths of Samsung Electronics, the Partners Connected Health team and our leading healthcare providers, to expand the boundaries of digital health technology,”

“Combining our real-world clinical experience and implementation of connected health solutions with their leading mobile and IT technology, we believe that, together, we can re-imagine the future of health and wellness and deliver innovative, convenient and powerful personal connected health tools.”

Suntae Jung, Vice President, Samsung Electronics said:

“This partnership will be an important step towards embracing the real needs of healthcare providers and patients. We aim to leverage our technology to help individuals lead healthier lives, while delivering healthcare providers the tools they need to improve clinical outcomes,”

“We look forward to collaborating with Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital, and to the unlimited potential for mobile care technology.”

Samsung’s Digital Media and Communications R&D Center (DMC R&D), will oversee this program for the company.