Innovative Mobile Messaging App Musations Fuses Music, Text Messaging and Social Media

After much build up and anticipation, the new music mobile messaging app, Musations, has debuted on the Apple iTunes store to an immediate enthusiastic response. All signs point toward Musations and music media messaging being the next big thing.

For many people, texting is the preferred means of communication on the mobile phone. It’s not often when an app debuts that offers a way to completely revolutionize the text messaging experience, for the better. Enter Musations, a free new app that after a very successful run in beta, has now been launched in the iTunes store. Musations allows users to combine music clips selected from a library of over 37 million songs, with a text message giving birth to a new form of music media messaging. Expect it to start a revolution.

“I am very excited to announce the launch of Musations to the Apple App Store,” commented Iain McLean, managing director of the company.

“I can’t wait to see some of the content that others will create on this new Musical Social Platform. Musations encourages individuality and creativity to come through, with each and every music message.”

The app is equal parts intuitive and creative. The users simply think of the message they would like to send and explore the music library through a number of very extensive search functions. When a music clip is found, it can be edited and personalized in seconds. This is combined with the text message and sent.

So a simple “I love you” can now be delivered along with Stevie Wonder singing, “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” or a boring “call me” text can be brought to life with Blondie’s beautiful voice singing “Call Me.” Truly, the only limit is imagination.

The search functions included on the app make coming up with music messaging ideas easy. A phrase can be searched, along with song titles, or artists. The user’s own personal library can be explored, and sound clips other users have also made are available.

The beta testing reveals that the combination of texting, personalized music and social media is very likely to be an explosive hit. Coupled with Musations “free” price tag, the anticipation is high for the app to have a huge amount of users in a very short time.

McLean, from the company, is well versed in delivering ground-breaking apps. In his 18-year software career, he has launched 160 apps total, including an app in the first week of the iTunes store’s existence.

The beta testers are united in giving Musations two solid thumbs up.

Emily G., a beta tester from Boston, remarked,

“Musations is really incredibly fun. It makes texting much more social-media like, and there’s nothing like getting a cool music message to brighten the mood. I’ve become practically addicted to making messages too. I can’t wait until this app goes viral. There’s nothing not to love about it.”

According to the company, Musations will be available in several different languages.

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