Yingo Yango announces integration with Apple HealthKit

Mobile health and wellness technology start-up, Yingo Yango, has announced that its integration with Apple HealthKit in iOS 8 is aimed at taking HealthKit to a new level of effectiveness.

Yingo Yango is a platform that empowers care managers/coaches and patients alike to use personalized data to motivate smart actions that result in better health.  Yingo Yango is a white label app for payers, providers and employers, that equips care managers/coaches with the context and tools they need to drive individuals within their population to take smarter actions.

Yingo Yango’s Founder, Marty Jaramillo, commented: “Apple HealthKit gives all the popular apps and digital devices and monitors on the market their boldest reach to date, by far.  Our platform maximizes the impact of HealthKit, by taking the data it collects, supplementing it with other siloed data and, most importantly, contextualizing it to make it understandable to an individual.  Our tools then help them take action.”

Yingo Yango’s platform and tools capture the common health metrics of an individual’s health profile from multiple wearables, including nutrition/calories consumed and activity/calories burned, height, weight and age.

Yingo Yango takes the platform to the next level, establishing a fuller, personalized health profile that focuses on an individual’s comorbidities, conditions or disease management, including hypertension, diabetes and obesity.  To that end, Yingo Yango has partnered with device companies to bring together personal health data such as: blood glucose levels from Shugatrak meters (http://www.shugatrak.com); blood pressure from Withings cuffs (http://www.withings.com); as well as sleep, step counts oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates from various devices.  Additional partnerships will be added over the next year.  Starting in Q2 2015, Yingo Yango will help asthma sufferers by adding in air-intake readings from a spirometer created by CoHero Health (http://www.coherohealth.com).

Yingo Yango’s robust integration of HealthKit provides key context, helping convert knowledge to action. Jaramillo added,

“HealthKit and Yingo Yango together bring us closer to the reality of achieving a true quantified self.  We are pushing the limits here to reach the ultimate goal: helping people make smarter health decisions so they can be healthier.”

Richard Braddock, Chairman of Yingo Yango’s Board, said:

“The key to any technology is always making it disappear, while enhancing the benefit it brings.  Yingo Yango does this beautifully by being the tool that brings together an array of crucial data points and making them actionable.” Mr. Braddock added:  “Yingo Yango advances the changes needed in healthcare today by effectuating using technology to create better outcomes for everyone, across the spectrum of healthcare.”

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