AppOrchid Unveils Industry’s First Cognitive Computing App Builder for the “Internet Of Everything” Market

AppOrchid announced today its disruptive new technology for developing cognitive apps that targets the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) market.

“The future for enterprise computing lies in intelligent or cognitive apps. In this new “Internet of everything” world, connected devices, social data and massive volumes of free form documents integrate with enterprise applications in real-time.

AppOrchid’s groundbreaking products employ Big Data technology and a scalable Knowledge graph model powered with intelligent natural language processing. The end result is human-like intelligence, with a gamified user experience spanning conventional, handheld and wearable devices.

This is a watershed moment in Enterprise computing”, said Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of AppOrchid Inc.

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The main features of the technology are:

  • Multipurpose conversational query language across Big-Data, Knowledge Graphs and No-SQL Document stores.
  • A BigData data science toolbox with cognitive science libraries, pattern matching and self-learning capabilities
  • Multi-device gamified and storified user experience that continuously improves based on user behavior.

In a short span of 8 months, the company has already contracted with 2 of the top mobile device manufacturers, one of the biggest consulting service providers and several smaller startup and boutique technology companies. The company already boasts of multiple pilot customers in hi-tech, energy and healthcare.

Krishna Kumar is a repeat entrepreneur, with multiple patents in the area of Big-Data and analytics. He was the founder of Space-Time Insight, a very successful venture capital backed startup prior to this new venture.
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