ASG cloud solution suite integrates all IT Services in Hybrid Cloud

CloudFactory Version 8.0 offers single, customisable tool to manage Web 2.0, SaaS, ITaaS and legacy IT systems.

ASG Software Solutions has announced the launch of CloudFactory 8.0, which provides enterprises with a single, customisable tool with which all IT systems and services –from internal data center and public cloud- can be managed. Legacy applications, SaaS enterprise applications such as Salesforce, and NetSuite as well as Web 2.0 offerings such as Office 365, Dropbox, Zoho and Facebook, are all centrally managed under one compliance umbrella. In addition, public cloud offerings from Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure and core technologies such as those from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft are also incorporated in order to accelerate the return on previous and current cloud investments.

CloudFactory 8.0 enables the unified management of legacy IT and modern environments based on OpenStack, CloudStack, CloudFoundry and other distributed platforms. Moving beyond Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the cloud orchestration suite delivers customisable, consistent, hybrid workspaces to mobile workforces. Seamlessly integrating IT-as-a-Service, help desk and asset management capabilities empower business users and increase IT efficiency by 50% through faster, automated IT service request fulfillment.

Addressing the rise of BYOD and the consumerisation of IT in the workplace, ASG’s user-centric cloud solution orchestrates all IT services in a hybrid cloud environment, delivering users a secure mix of local and cloud applications across desktops and mobile devices.

“CloudFactory 8.0 lets businesses derive more value from their past, present and future data center investments by effectively eliminating traditional silos to enable application-centric cloud and data center management,” said Torsten Volk, Vice President of Product Management, ASG Software Solutions.

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“With a single tool for both legacy and modern environments companies now can truly bridge the gap between the corporate data center and the tools their employees use every day.”

“Enterprise users today expect the same fantastic user experience they are getting from services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify,” says Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates.

“At the same time, IT administrators must receive a central control panel to ensure compliance, security, availability and performance. ASG CloudFactory enables customers to leverage their existing environments to create user-centric application workspaces that are simple to manage by existing staff.”

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