BlackBerry Cylance

BlackBerry launches Cylance AI Engine update

BlackBerry’s Cylance AI now prevents more cyberattacks than ever before

BlackBerry has launched a major update to its Cylance AI engine, marking a significant leap forward in predicting cyberattacks for proactive cyber defence.

BlackBerry’s generational release updates the AI engine to enhance threat prediction capabilities for organizations by 40 percent compared with earlier versions. BlackBerry’s Cylance AI has unfailingly protected businesses and governments globally from cyberattacks since its inception, with a multi-year predictive advantage.

Rolled out automatically to all BlackBerry customers currently using CylanceENDPOINT, CylanceEDGE and CylanceGUARD, the new engine builds upon previous iterations that stop attacks 12 times faster and with 20 times less resources than other cybersecurity solutions.

“BlackBerry pioneered the field of AI for predictive cyber defense, and today delivers the highest efficacy scores against the competition whether an endpoint is online or offline,” said Nathan Jenniges, Vice President of Product Strategy, BlackBerry Cybersecurity.

“With the introduction of our next-generation AI engine, we are taking cybersecurity to the next level and proving that predictive solutions are not only the future but are a reality today.”