Bomb Money

BOMB Money Integrates with Ankr to Support Blockchain and Mobile App Releases

BOMB Money's BOMB Chain is launching Q4 2022 with support from web3 infrastructure company Ankr

BOMB Money is taking a a major step forward with their upcoming blockchain and mobile app releases. With Ankr AppChains, an end-to-end engineering solution for creating and launching app-specific blockchains.

Ankr will build and power the new BOMB Chain used to support the BOMB Mobile App.

This alliance will allow for the highest levels of transparency and security for all users of BOMB Money products.

The BOMB Mobile App will be the gateway to crypto mass adoption. It will provide an incredibly intuitive way for investors to earn high yields through fixed-term staking with the simplicity of traditional banking apps that customers have come to expect. 

The app will provide users the opportunity to participate in the emerging web3 space without requiring any previous knowledge and without taking on any of the typical risks sometimes found in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The app will be powered by BOMB Chain, a custom-built blockchain whose native token, BOMB, is algorithmically pegged to Bitcoin – the first of its kind! Grants will be available to encourage and enable developers to build on BOMB Chain. Both products will be released Q4 2022.

Ankr’s solution includes integrating the new BOMB Chain with Chainscanner, a new platform where all BOMB Money users can view all on-chain information and transactions while easily participating in any upcoming native staking or governance features.

BOMB Money is offering early investors an opportunity to invest in the blockchain’s success with its venture capital program to support both product releases. 

BOMB Money is looking to raise an additional $1.5M with a lucrative VC and private investment proposal. Details can be found here.