Five Conditions Releases Flash Messenger on Google Play, the Revolutionary Anonymous Messenger App

Flash Messenger app will flash messages without sending any data, making the process instant and secure.

Messaging has become one of the most popular activities on the planet. Today’s smartphones allow users to send messages to anyone at any time. However, traditional text messaging is slow and uses data that can be traced by anyone with the equipment to do so.

Recent news stories have revealed that the government may well be using text information to target certain people or groups. At the very least, there is no privacy with traditional text messaging. No matter how much encryption is used, a third party server is simply not secure and could be accessed instantly with a court order.
Now, Flash Messenger allows users to send a completely anonymous message with no digital footprint. The user account is created with a unique Flashpin that changes monthly.

The process in Flash Messenger is comparable to a voice call rather than a voicemail message, like traditional texting. With traditional messengers, time is wasted on both ends in typing the message, sending and reading, plus the message is stored on servers. Flash Messenger does away with that problem; messages are instant and live.

It is also engaging and interactive, allowing users to instantly communicate without fear of snooping or privacy invasion. Users will enjoy the rapid response and security of Flash Messenger; and it will quickly become their go-to messaging app.

Users can download the app through the Google Play Store onto any Android device and enjoy fast, simple “texting” without the need for data storage or possible compromising of security.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]