Foreverise Team launches Forever Earn watch-to-earn passive income app

Passive income app, that lets users earn up to 298 USDT per Phone

The Foreverise team is launching ‘Forever Earn’, a watch-to-earn platform enabling all crypto-users to earn passive income through watching ads on the platform.

Thr Watch-to-Earn Platform provides constant 24/7 ads stream, letting users earn up to 298 USDT per month. The more phones you have, the more you can earn.

Foreverise is completely self-sustainable. Instead of paying out in native tokens or using new investments, Forever Earn will be collecting money from advertising agencies, thus benefiting the $FOREVER token long-term.

Forever Earn is based on a unique algorithm for user-marking WebRTC streams with subsequent aggregation of statistics, which are transmitted to affiliate programs for instant crediting of users funds on their balance.

Forever Earn app will be available on both Android and iOS. With tremendous experience in traffic arbitrage and working with affiliate programs, the founders of Foreverise say they are building an ecosystem of watch-to-earn applications that will allow any user to find a way of earning passive income through their favourite activities.


The $FOREVER or Foreverise is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token Native to the Foreverise ecosystem. The project and everything else from the team revolves around the token. The expansion of the Ecosystem will always benefit $FOREVER as every platform will always require the user to hold a certain amount of our token.

Every new platform user will automatically become a holder due to the fact that you must hold at least 0.3 BNB worth of Foreverise tokens in order to be eligible for making passive income in the app. Also, every withdrawal from the platform will include an automatic 16% fee which will automatically go towards a buy-back of $FOREVER

Due to the complete self-sustainability from Forever Earn, the company says they are able to keep Buy and Sell taxes low, only at 5% both ways. 2% AutoLP, 2% Redistribution, 1% Marketing.

Foreverise will be available for sale in early May.