Global Guide

Global Guide cryptocurrency offers benefits for socializing

Global-Guide is a web 3.0 Dapp that implements the concept of s-2-e for socializing and traveling in the world of crypto

It is a fact that travel and social media are intertwined, whether people are vacationing or planning trips. Statistics show that 36.5% use social media for inspiration and ideas related to travel, while 60% post images taken while traveling on social media.

In fact, there are more than 1 million travel-related hashtags being searched each week.

To enhance the experience of this growing market segment, the first web 3.0 Dapp called Global-Guide has been launched that aims to benefit travellers by doing things they are doing in any case, such as taking pictures, writing reviews, and traveling the world.

Global-Guide combines components from NFT, SocialFi, and GameFi and allows users to get prizes by sharing their whereabouts, images, and reviews.

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Speaking to the media, a spokesperson for Global Guide said,

“Global Guide has been created out of love for travel and a passion for social networking. We are adding immense value to the daily travel activities, making traveling more enjoyable and beneficial.”

Driving Global Guide are some of the most cutting-edge technologies including:

·AI Object Detection – An advanced algorithm built for Global Guide that combines mobile device sensors and deep learning models.

·AI Driven Image Recognition technology – A world-class software and application that can read and understand visual information

·Anti-cheat System – To maintain the high quality throughout the system, it can evaluate the realism of the image and reject pictures that are not up to the mark.

Users of Global-Guide can interact socially to accumulate $GGT tokens, which can then be spent in-game or exchanged for cash. Millions of individuals, including visitors, can rely on their input to select where to go and what to do.

Users need a camera NFT specifically made for use with various settings, such as people, food, nature, events, architecture, or seasons, to interact with others.

To encourage individuals and draw more users to its app, Global-Guide will also launch annual community meet-up events in numerous locations around the world.

Prizes at such events might include but are not limited to exclusive NFTs and $GGT tokens.