Google Chromecast gets Guest Mode, Cast to your TV without Wifi

Google has added a Guest Mode to its Chromecast media streamer. Since its launch, Chromecast has enabled users to “cast” content from their phones or computers to their TV provided both the Chromecast and the paired device are on the same WiFi network. However, this new update removes the need for the casting phone to be on the same WiFi network.

When you use guest mode with Chromecast:

  • You don’t need to share your WiFi password with your guests – they can cast if they are in the same room as the Chromecast.
  • You will see the cast icon in Google Cast Ready apps, even if WiFi is turned off on your supported Android phone.

To set up guest mode on your Android device, first open the Chromecast app, then:

  • 1. Tap Devices, select your Chromecast.
  • 2. Tap Guest mode.
  • 3. Slide guest mode to On.

When guest mode is turned on, Chromecast emits a special WiFi beacon. When a Google Cast Ready app is launched on your guest’s mobile device, that device detects the presence of the special WiFi beacon and shows the Cast icon in the application. Upon tapping the Cast icon, casting to a ‘Nearby Device’ will be listed as an available option.

Your Chromecast then generates a random 4-digit PIN that is required to cast to it using guest mode. When a device nearby tries to connect, the Chromecast automatically transfers that PIN using short, inaudible audio tones. If the audio tone pairing fails, your guest will be given the option to connect manually by entering the 4-digit PIN found on your Chromecast backdrop and in the Chromecast app.

  • Guest mode is only available for Android devices running Android 4.3 (JB MR2) or higher. Guest mode is not supported on iOS devices.
  • Guest mode is an opt-in feature that you can choose to turn off any time from the Chromecast device settings. You can access and manage (turn on or off) guest mode from the Chromecast app on your Android device.
  • You need to be connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast in order to set up or manage guest mode settings.
  • Guest mode settings will be reset when you perform a Factory Data Reset (FDR) on your Chromecast.

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