iPatientCare Launches miWatch, Yet Another Innovative Wearable App on Android Ware Based SmartWatches

With the Launch of miWatch, iPatientCare Extends the Availability of Health Information to Patients and Providers on SmartWatches, in Addition to Google Glass and iOS/Android Based Smart Phones Connected to Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified and ICD-10 Ready Cloud-Based EHR and Integrated Practice Management and Patient Engagement Suite

iPatientCare has successfully launched innovative wearable technology, Android Ware SmartWatch based App named “miWatch” to improve the Medication Adherence and the Level of Patient Engagement at iPatientCare National User Conference 2014.

iPatientCare is focused on health and technology, which are converging to become omnipresent in patients’ and physicians’ lives. iPatientCare miWatch app is designed uniquely for empowering patients as well physicians with different useful functionalities. Kedar Mehta, CTO at iPatientCare wonderfully showcased the workflow functionality for providers and patients. miWatch is designed for providers to ease their practice management by reminding about appointments, Rx-refill requests, Labs/Test results, unread messages, and much more. miWatch, for patients is a boon as it includes a very handy access to reminders for medication adherence, appointment with doctors, provides alerts and notifications from patient portal, maintaining better patient engagement.

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SmartWatches are composed to play an important role in future medicine. Keeping up with iPatientCare’s tradition of adopting futuristic technologies, Kedar Mehta says,

“iPatientCare Wearable Technologies like miWatch and miGlass are an excellent key for electronic patient records. They can not only record relevant health data by themselves, but are always on you – including in an emergency. Individuals will have full control who gets access to what data in which situation.”

Udayan Mandavia, President/CEO, iPatientCare revealed very encouraging results from two of its pilots conducted by physicians’ group practices, one in Michigan and another in New Mexico. The Group in Michigan sought to improve adherence to diabetes medications management and the one in New Mexico implemented remote monitoring of geriatric, hypertensive patient population using miPatientCare.

“We are one of the pioneering innovators in mHealth, known for our cutting-edge mobile point-of-care solutions implemented by the US Army, Department of Defense, hospitals/health systems, and thousands of physicians. These recent pilots utilized iOS based devices, Google Glass, and Androidware based smart watch because we believe, mHealth is already poised to take a giant leap in enhancing patient care. We need more committed physicians’ offices, rural health clinics and hospitals/health systems to implement them enthusiastically”, said Udayan Mandavia.

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