MaTuRi Launches Revolutionary New App Service for Celebrities, Artists and Fans

Unprecedented, multi-functional app system is free for celebrity, indie, and amateur artists, and pays to give fans unique access.

Launching today, MaTuRi is a one-of-a-kind application production and administration service that will create a unique app for music artists and connect them to consumers in a way that could exponentially increase an artist’s fan base while at the same time pay the artist revenues. The MaTuRi app creator is always free to the artist, and it pays them 70% of the gross revenues that their app generates once Google or Apple deduct their fee.

Whether an artist or band is one of the world’s top-selling musical acts or a local amateur act, as long as they are releasing their own products or doing live shows, MaTuRi will create a personalized app for them. The app can feature an artist’s music and videos, news, interviews, messages, SNS links, event info, a platform to purchase tickets to shows directly and more. Artists can upload material and update their app at any time through their own administration page. An artist’s app also provides new and unique ways for fans to connect personally with artists.

MaTuRi was created by music artist and producer JIN, who holds the Guinness World Record as producer of the ‘best-selling downloaded single in Japan.’ JIN’s intention for MaTuRi is to revolutionize the way artists share content and communicate with their fans.

Fans can chat directly with artists, as well as receive content that they will find only through their artist’s MaTuRi app, such as exclusive news, first notice of new songs and concerts, and advanced knowledge of concert tickets. Fans can see their artist’s live videos, blogs, personalized messages direct to the fan, photos, and playlists that their artist puts together specially for them. The fan can mix their favorite artists’ music like a DJ or use the music to create their own videos, all of which can be viewed by the artist.

JIN says,

”In this age of music streaming, MaTuRi is an innovative new tool. The large number of features available to artists and fans through MaTuRi are features that do not, in one spot, exist elsewhere.”

The app features new ways for artists and fans to connect with each other, creating opportunities to increase an artist’s fan base. In addition to their own fans, an artist will be connected to the MaTuRi fan bases of the artists that he or she friends.

Fans can use an artist’s app for free for 10 days. Beyond that, the artist determines how much per month to charge.

MaTuRi recommends $1.99/month for a basic package, and the artist can set the price higher if desired based on how many features are provided. From that monthly payment, 70% is paid back to the artist after the fees to Apple or Google are deducted. This includes the usage fee of the master recordings and publishing. If an artist does not own the master recordings, the usage fee must be negotiated with the labels who own the master recordings.

Music artists can sign up and register for MaTuRi at[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]