Social App Rooit Bringing Friends To Web 3.0

Inclusive friend-making app Rooit helps over 1.2 million global users find friends and make real connections.

While there are numerous matching and dating apps on the market today, Rooit says it stands for something different; developing authentic connections with decentralized identifier.

In particular, while other apps often only allow users to present their prettified but dull and static profile to others with little hints about the natural person behind the screen, Rooit connects people through their shared stories and feelings, providing a better glimpse of their personalities and life perspectives.

Additionally, thanks to Rooit’s on-chain assets and decentralization of identity, users know that they’re tapping into an Ethereum blockchain-based network that’s 100% safe and secure.

More importantly, since the app relies on the creation of tokens to validate the authenticity of the contents and the creators, it can significantly reduce the number of scammers and chatbots which have ruined the user experience on other competing apps to build a real network with real connections.

“Users can share their stories anonymously and be matched for free with those they like. All content creators can also choose to make their content on chain to earn tokens. 40% of active users are content creators. Therefore, Rooit generates over 5 million swipes a month, resulting in over 300 thousand matches,” said Paul Hsu, CEO of Rooit.

“Alpha Cell” – Rooit’s newest NFT project 

Building on its reputation as a safe haven and outlet, Rooit intends to further improve its user experience through social gamification powered by Web3 technologies.

Specifically, new users can mint an Alpha Cell or ROO NFT, which they can grow and feed by taking desirable actions on the platform, such as meeting people, conversing with them, and creating genuine content.

This mechanism is free to grant everyone equal access to the community in which they can establish a virtual identity, which fundamentally democratizes and decentralizes the platform.

As users grow their presence and activities on the network, their Alpha Cell will become brighter and evolve to unlock more features. Once Alpha Cell reaches level 4, magical things will happen, taking users further into the enchanted world of ‘Rooitverse’.

What’s more, in the first quarter of 2023, Rooit also plans to incorporate Alpha Cell as a sidekick for chat2earn so users can level up and activate more advanced abilities.

Moreover, the whitelist members – the exclusive team of VVIP or The Origin, with premium membership of the Rooit ecosystem, can enjoy more privileges, such as staking NFT to earn Rooit’s token $STAR, allowlist for all the NFT collections, networking with extraordinary people who are leading experts in Web3 technologies, among other perks.

To achieve all these milestones, Rooit has relied strongly on its talented and resilient founding team members, including CEO Paul Hsu, who led the international brainwave start-up from 0 to profitability, COO Kays Bouachick has extensive expertise in the BTOC business and big data analysis. At the same time, CTO Peter Yu excelled at algorithm design.

Indeed, recently the Rooit co-founders were even featured on ‘Meet the Drapers’, the crypto reality TV series with famous Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis.

The company has also been selected by leading crypto exchange and will be listed on their NFT platform.

With a talented team, category-defining product, and strong financial support, Rooit sets out on a clear path to grow and generate substantial revenues, aided by being the first mover of the Web3 friend-making platform.