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BlackBerry and AWS unveil UEM at the Edge and UEM for the IoT

BlackBerry and AWS Unveil Next-Generation UEM

BlackBerry and AWS have unveiled two major new Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) innovations – BlackBerry UEM at the edge and BlackBerry UEM for the IoT.

BlackBerry UEM software is used for managing, monitoring, and securing all of an organization’s end-user devices. Taking BlackBerry UEM to the edge will enhance enterprise productivity and employee experience by placing workloads close to the end user and their device for ultra-low latency connectivity, while maintaining the highest security standards that customers rely on and trust BlackBerry to deliver – in testing users saw up to 87% decrease in latency.

The solution brings the BlackBerry Network Operations Center (NOC), the company’s unique secure connectivity infrastructure, to the edge and integrates with AWS Local Zones and Availability Zones to securely place compute, storage, and other services where data is being generated and consumed. BlackBerry UEM at the edge is compatible with BlackBerry UEM on-prem and cloud.

BlackBerry UEM for the Internet of Things (IoT) will expand unified endpoint management to IoT devices enabling organizations to realize the vast benefits of the IoT and reduce unknown risks in their environment.

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The solution integrates BlackBerry UEM with AWS IoT Greengrass, an open source edge runtime and cloud service used on millions of IoT endpoints across the connected world – in factories, vehicles, healthcare, enterprises – to provide IoT endpoint visibility and management and empower IT teams.

Advancing the company’s convergence vision, this new addition to BlackBerry UEM will enable organizations to seamlessly and securely inventory and manage their IT and IoT endpoints from a single console.

“BlackBerry founded and has been a leader in the enterprise mobility management market for over twenty years. We are once again revolutionizing the market, by leapfrogging the industry in endpoint management innovation and paving the way for convergence,” said Neelam Sandhu, Chief Elite Customer Success Officer, BlackBerry.

“It has been wonderful to collaborate with AWS to develop BlackBerry UEM at the edge and BlackBerry UEM for the IoT, to enable our customers to unlock new business value through digital technologies, which offer the potential to transform and advance every aspect of the connected world, spanning how we live and work.” 

The IoT is a foundational pillar of the future of digital transformation and unlocks new business opportunities for organizations by dramatically extending the reach of information technology.

The value of enterprise IoT is largely untapped today due to the heavy compute requirements of the IoT and the complexity of the IoT network. Edge computing addresses the increasing demand for real-time data processing and analysis, and increased endpoint visibility provides valuable situational awareness and security benefits, enabling organizations to easily integrate IoT into their IT strategies. 

“IoT has advanced over the past years across different industries – automotive, enterprise, medical, manufacturing. The convergence of the IoT with security at the forefront of the conversation is now emerging as a must-have for the connected world. Bridging systems in the cloud provides scale, consistency, and flexibility to organizations to access data across the IoT and developers to innovate to deliver new value.

AWS is delighted to collaborate with BlackBerry on UEM edge and IoT solutions to deliver unified and innovative endpoint management solution for the future of the connected world,” said Dr. Sarah Cooper, General Manager for Industry Products at AWS.