BlackBerry release new beta of BlackBerry Blend, now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry have released a new beta of BlackBerry Blend, which is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for eligible beta testers.

When you use BlackBerry Blend, you can access your messages, files, and certain apps on your computer or tablet the same way you’d use them on your device.

You can:

  • Access your device messages, text messages, and BBM chats
  • Manage your calendar events
  • Manage your contacts
  • Manage files between your device and your computer
  • Use a work browser to securely browse and access your organization’s intranet
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What’s New In BlackBerry Blend Beta 1.2

  • Updated navigation panel for moving around between Blend app much quicker
  • Completely redesigned Dashboard view (still in development). The BlackBerry Blend dashboard has been redesigned. You can now access the apps and settings on the left navigation. The dashboard also includes a more comprehensive calendar view.
  • Ability to disable the Hub notification telling you when Blend is connected
  • New home screen ribbon icon showing when Blend is connected
  • Improved instant previews and in-line alerts. When you receive a notification for a new message, BBM chat, or calendar entry, you can respond to it from the notification itself.
  • New File Transfer Status section for monitoring file transfers. You can view the progress of your file transfers, cancel a transfer, and view previous transfers
  • Portrait mode support on tablets. You can now use BlackBerry Blend in portrait mode for tablets.
  • Many performance improvements

BlackBerry Blend Beta

If you’re using BlackBerry Blend in an organization:

  • An informational message has been added that BlackBerry Blend doesn’t support S/MIME or PGP protected email messages. Messages are sent without a digital signature.
  • If an administrator turned on BlackBerry Balance, you cannot copy, cut or move text, files, or images from your work space to your personal space. You cannot download attachments from your work email account to your personal work space or computer or tablet.

BlackBerry have also stated that the Android Beta 1 build for Android smartphones will be made available on Tuesday May 31st. At present, Blend is only available on Android tablets with a 7″+ screen.

Eligible Beta Testers can download the latest Blend Beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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