BlackBerry teams up with ServiceNow to Automate IT Operations

BlackBerry UEM and ServiceNow Flow Designer integrations enable IT admins to automate a variety of otherwise manual device management tasks

BlackBerry have partnered with leading digital workflow company, ServiceNow, to automate device management for organizations. The solution, which integrates ServiceNow’s Flow Designer and BlackBerry UEM, will help reduce administrative burdens on IT teams across the most frequently leveraged device management tasks while maintaining the highest levels of security. 

Available now in the ServiceNow Store, the new, certified integration automates tasks including user activations, policy configurations, device commands, and more. IT teams will be able to customize the UEM actions they would like to automate for a solution that is tailored to their organization.

“We are delighted to partner with ServiceNow and enable organizations to automate their IT operations,” said Neelam Sandhu, Chief Elite Customer Success Officer, BlackBerry.

“BlackBerry UEM and ServiceNow’s Flow Designer are trusted around the world and across industries. This new integration will enable our customers to reimagine digital workplace productivity while continuing to enjoy the highest security posture.”

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ServiceNow’s Flow Designer enables businesses to create end-to-end digital workflows to automate operations and improve efficiency and experience.

“ServiceNow is pleased to welcome BlackBerry UEM to the ServiceNow Store,” said Nick Tzitzon, Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer at ServiceNow.

“BlackBerry’s commitment to technology innovation and enterprise security is aligned with ServiceNow’s. This partnership holds significant potential for our customers.”