BlackBerry to provide cybersecurity solutions to Government of Malaysia

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Deal with the Government of Malaysia

 The Government of Malaysia and BlackBerry have signed a long-term software and services agreement to strengthen Malaysia’s cybersecurity.

The deal will enable the Malaysian Government to leverage the full suite of BlackBerry cybersecurity solutions, and support the integrity of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) while upskilling the nation’s workforce with advanced cybersecurity technology and training.

The Malaysian public sector will benefit from secure, reliable, real-time access to BlackBerry software and services, hosted in a sovereign cloud.

This includes BlackBerry’s cybersecurity solutions powered by Cylance AI to predict and prevent cyberattacks, NATO-certified BlackBerry SecuSUITE for secure communications, BlackBerry UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) to protect government data among a roaming workforce, and BlackBerry AtHoc used by governments globally for critical event management and incident response.

BlackBerry will establish a world-class Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE) in Kuala Lumpur in 2024.

The CCoE will offer specialized training to advance Malaysian cybersecurity capacity and readiness, with the goal of reducing the country’s shortfall of 12,000 cyber professionals.

The Government of Canada says it welcomed the establishment of the CCoE and plans to work closely with BlackBerry, the Government of Malaysia and the CCoE to deliver cybersecurity capacity building assistance to Southeast Asia, as mandated under Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said,

“Cybersecurity is a key pillar of Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, which aims to advance peace, security, and cooperation in the region. Cybersecurity is a shared challenge that requires international cooperation, which is why we strongly support BlackBerry’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Malaysia, an important bilateral partner of Canada.

By supporting Malaysia’s future cyber-defenders and establishing stronger regional networks for the sharing of expertise between Canada and Southeast Asia, we can further strengthen the resilience and capacity of our two countries and the wider region to counter, deter and respond to cyber threats.”

The fast-growing economy of Malaysia is a strategic choice for BlackBerry’s first CCoE in the Asia Pacific region, adding to the company’s network of existing CCoEs in America, Canada, and Europe.

The CCoE will offer cybersecurity education and training, as well as ‘always-on’ cyber threat intelligence and incident response teams to help the country safeguard against malicious cyber activity targeting businesses, governments, and infrastructure. 

The CCoE also will enhance intelligence sharing between nations and expand BlackBerry’s global threat intelligence network.

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said,

“To continue to grow, prosper and keep our nation’s data and citizens safe, Malaysia must forge international partnerships that embrace cutting-edge technology, and invite foreign investment to rapidly scale up and train a world-class cybersecurity workforce.

We are pleased to collaborate with BlackBerry to support Malaysia’s goal to be a leading example of cyber-resilience – with the promise of data sovereignty, for our government information, data, and communications.” 

John Giamatteo, BlackBerry’s Cybersecurity President, will oversee the deployment of BlackBerry Cybersecurity solutions in Malaysia, and the establishment of the BlackBerry CCoE.

“With nearly 40 years in protecting governments and enterprises globally, BlackBerry is proud to partner with the Governments of Malaysia and Canada to enhance Malaysia’s cybersecurity posture – proactively securing the nation’s data and mission-critical communications, while also providing support for the management of critical incidents,” said  Giamatteo.

“I am also especially proud of the establishment of a BlackBerry Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Malaysia, designed to support the Prime Minister’s strategic goal of growing a skilled cybersecurity workforce and positioning Malaysia as a critical regional hub of threat intelligence.”