Fastweb and Infinera Achieve Record-breaking 600 Gb/s Transmission Speed Trial

high-speed optical transmission demonstration spanned over 1,372 kilometers on Fastweb's low-latency long-haul backbone network, setting a milestone for Italian long-distance data transmission

Infinera and Fastweb, one of the main telecom providers in Italy, have achieved a record-breaking single-wavelength service connectivity speed trial of 600 Gb/s across Fastweb’s network, including the Milan-Bari optical route spanning 1,372 kilometers, using Infinera’s fifth-generation ICE6 800G technology on the GX Series Compact Modular Platform.

The programmable flexibility of Infinera’s ICE6 solution enabled Fastweb to increase network capacity by up to two times. This seamless network upgrade ensures Fastweb’s enterprise and service provider customers are equipped with reliable, ultra-high-speed capacity to meet increased growth in data traffic and bandwidth demands.

The demonstrated industry-leading performance, which will provide substantial network value, played a significant role in Fastweb’s selection of Infinera’s ICE6 solution to enhance its backbone network.

With Infinera’s ICE6 800G solution, Fastweb is poised to increase its network capacity and launch new 400 Gigabit Ethernet services across its existing infrastructure. Infinera’s ICE6 solution features probabilistic constellation shaping and digital Nyquist subcarrier technology with dual-carrier super-channels, enabling successful transmission of 1.2 Tb/s signals on the Milan-Bari route.

“Sustaining the digital transformation efforts of enterprises and meeting our customers’ need is our primary objective,” said Marco Arioli, Technology Officer, Fastweb.

“We are constantly looking to improve our infrastructure to ensure we can always provide our customers with the highest bandwidth and best-quality services they need to be successful.

ICE6 is a significant step forward for us, substantially increasing the capacity of our network with a smooth upgrade path and enabling us to keep up with the relentless demand for increased capacity of unpredictable bandwidth-hungry events.”

The combination of these technologies improves Fastweb’s spectral efficiency and boosts existing capacity on its current Infinera flexible-grid backbone network.

Infinera’s ICE6 technology allows Fastweb to find the right balance between maximum transmission speeds and the greatest capacity per fibre, with the same end-of-life performance, protecting Fastweb’s infrastructure investments for years to come.

“Infinera’s ICE6 solution enables network operators to meet the demands of rapid bandwidth growth by providing the greatest capacity at the greatest reach, resulting in the most cost-effective and spectrally efficient solution,” said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Infinera.

“We are pleased to continue to support Fastweb’s upgrade of its network infrastructure to meet today’s growing bandwidth demands.