Intel Security and Ericsson partner to bring managed security to telecom operators

Ericsson and Intel Security are working together to make managed security solutions available for telecom operators to bundle with the existing services they provide to enterprises. Combining Ericsson’s managed services expertise, global delivery capability and network security expertise with Intel Security’s broad portfolio of consumer and enterprise security solutions will enable enterprises to strengthen their security posture.

From the enterprise perspective, telecom operators will contribute their regulatory compliance expertise, ability to combine communications services with security, and local response capabilities. Initially, intrusion prevention system services, e-mail security and web security solutions will be available.

By supporting networks that connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers and carry more than 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic, Ericsson is helping to realize a truly Networked Society. Increased connectivity is unlocking massive value for people, business and society, but also exposing us all to new potential risks. Together with Intel Security, Ericsson aims to make it easier for telecom operators to support their enterprise clients in protecting valuable intellectual property, data, devices, and identities.

Chris Young, Senior Vice President and GM of Intel Security, says:

Telecommunications networks are a critical component of the economic and social infrastructures that we rely upon. Together, Intel Security and Ericsson are working to keep the well over three billion people across the globe that use these systems safe and secure.

Jean-Claude Geha, Vice President and Head of Managed Services at Ericsson, says:

Intel Security has an exceptional, end-to-end consumer and enterprise security product portfolio. Ericsson is the leader in telecom managed services with the scale, skills and people required to make Intel’s security solutions available to telecom operators around the world. Together, we will be able to provide exceptional managed security solutions to telecom operators.”

Today, Ericsson is the global leader in telecommunications managed services. Operations for multiple operators are managed through Global Network Operation Centers and a field service organization. Ericsson employs 65,000 services professionals in 180 countries, and provides managed services for networks that serve one billion subscribers worldwide. Increasingly, Ericsson uses its global managed services expertise in market segments other than telecommunications – and IT is one of the company’s focus areas.