Navigil’s Wearable Telecare Solution Launched in the UK

Stylish Wristwatch Packed with Mobile Phone, GPS and Location Features

Navigil, a specialist in white label telecare and personal safety solutions, today unveiled a partnership with HealthAlert24 Ltd. The partnership makes the Rafael service and S1 wearable personal safety wristwatches available for any client in the UK. Navigil and HealthAlert24 have ensured that by working collaboratively, a solution has been brought to the market that they feel represents their customers’ requirements and offers them something different.

The Navigil Rafael service and S1 personal safety wristwatch breaks the mould by offering an unprecedented combination of innovative design, ease of use and affordability. The S1 wristwatch is first and foremost an integrated mobile phone. It further offers GPS/Glonass positioning and Bluetooth low energy connectivity. The Rafael service features industry benchmarked services for alarm call routing, location and management services. The bottom line is that with the greater independence that their product offers their customers, this both enhances and reassures not only their customers but their families too.

With a single press of a button the S1 places an alarm call and sends a location report. The Rafael service routes the alarm calls to either a designated carer or to HealthAlert24’s care co-ordination centre 24/7. If the carer is unavailable a default could be direct to the monitoring centre. S1 can also automatically alert and provide location information to caregivers should this prove necessary.

“Most telecare products currently in the market resemble devices used in a hospital setting, labelling their users as patients,” says Matti Räty, CEO at Navigil.

Premium IPTV in the UK

“When developing the S1, we focused on packaging our ultra-low power technology and telecare specific features into a stylishly designed casing, and the result looks like a regular analogue watch with real watch hands. The benefit is that it is much easier to get a person to wear the watch all the time, as it should be.”

Easy to deploy

S1 comes with a SIM card pre-installed – simply select ap- propriate end user profile and configure the call routing with the easy to use Rafael web service and the S1 is ready to go. The S1 has profiles for various type of end users. Tracking profile with automatic location alarms is for persons suffer- ing from dementia. Auto, easy and full profiles all feature single button alarm calls. Richness of the user interface in each profile is matched to the dexterity and capabilities of the end user. Easy and full profiles feature speed dial calls. All profiles are enabled to receive phone calls.

Long battery life

Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware and intelligent power management of the firmware, the S1 can operate up to a week on a single charge while being always registered to the GSM network and sending periodic reports. In tracking mode location reporting interval is adaptive based on detected end user activity level. S1 can be easily charged even by persons with poor dexterity using a charging dock. Intelligent Rafael service With the Rafael web service you can manage the S1 wrist- watch settings including phone numbers. The S1 buttons and the associated features can be enabled and disabled at any time by changing the S1 profile in the web service.

The availability and calendar based emergency call rout- ing service enables carergivers to share the alarm call related workload between themselves. The Rafael service displays S1generated daily status reports, battery alarms and other events in a log view. S1 status can also be queried on de- mand. The S1 sends location information to be displayed in Rafael service’s map view when the tracking mode is turned on or when a home beacon range breach, a geofence breach or an alarm call has occurred.

The UK – with close to two million customers – is the largest telecare market in the EU. Wearable mobile telecare solutions are fundamental to giving customers the ability to remain independent for as long as possible.

“We are excited about the business potential the UK market represents”, says Matti Räty. “HealthAlert24 with its proven track record on quality of service, ability to deliver innovative solutions and resources is an ideal partner for Navigil. Expansion to the UK is a major step in our go to market strategy. UK is additionally an ideal launch pad for geographical markets outside the EU“.

“Navigil S1 is the only product in the telecare market that has the features that our customers are now demanding from us. They are no longer content with alarms that only provide protection at home and want something with greater flexibility, and that offers them the opportunity of increased independence. We see it as an excellent addition to the range of telecare that we currently provide and expect it to become increasingly more popular than the traditional landline alarms. A watch is much more likely to be worn than current pendants and tracking devices”, says Mr. Mark Baker, Community Alarm Manager Elmbridge Borough Council, UK.

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“As both a Health and Social Care provider, we are committed to providing our customers with new technology that encourages independence and safety. We know that our customers want to see something different and we feel that with the Navigil S1 we can break the mould and give our customers something that’s easy to use, stylish, safe and affordable. None of the currently available solutions in the market have this array in such a stylish watch. Our customers are people who live active lives and don’t want to be labelled. This device offers them anonymity with safety and in turn removes barriers to living independently. It looks like a stylish watch to anyone else. S1 has the potential of becoming a powerful tool that enables us to strengthen our leading market position”, says Ron Owttrim, CEO at HealthAlert24 Ltd, the leading provider in Removing Barriers to Living using telecare and telehealth in the UK.

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