Football in the Metaverse

Bet and earn crypto during World Cup 2022 with World Cup Doge

World Cup Doge has partnered with adept football analysts and betting experts and offers guidance to investors for placing bets in the upcoming football World Cup 2022

World Cup Doge is a Web 3.0-based betting platform that has secured the attention of an influx of Bettors for the upcoming Football World Cup 2022.

To many bettors, the idea of a minimal risk when betting sounds pleasing. World Cup Doge employs 5 top-notch betting experts and a football analyst who have time and then defied the odds and won unbelievable ventures. These adept individuals are responsible for advising and guiding investors.

One of these betting experts serves as an advisor to the renowned sportsbook “Betfair” and has also composed a highly engrossing and famed sportsbook. Guidance from these accomplished people helps one in making decisions that are bound to yield fruitful results.

World Of Doge utilizes the treasury wallet to make bets throughout the week based on the suggestions made by experts. The experts also keep the firm well informed of the percentage of risk associated with the suggestion.

These percentages are often zero to none. Users of World Of Doge can thus expect great returns on even their smallest of investments.

Treasury Betting Pool

The treasury wallet is filled up from the 6% tax that is imposed on selling. Once this wallet starts overflowing a significant amount is transferred to the Treasury Betting Pool.

The gain obtained from the weekly bets and collected in the Treasury Betting Pool is distributed or used for the benefit of the community.

40% of the total amount is awarded to all the presale holders. The amount received by each individual is proportional to the quantity of the tokens being held. 30% of the pool is used to buy World Cup Doge (WCD) tokens that are then burnt to bring sizable alleviations to the price of the token.

The firm uses 20% of the Treasury Betting Pool and reserves it for the next week’s bets. The remaining 10% of the pool is used to pay the experts for their services.

Public Betting Pool

Sit back and relax while the experts handle the betting process. Sounds appealing. To achieve this end the firm has brought forward the Public Betting Pool. Users can contribute to this pool using their BNB tokens.

Betting experts then place bets on behalf of the users and the rewards are distributed at the end of each week.

A whopping 70% is channelled back to the bettors. 20% of the winnings are used to buy back and burn tokens. The remaining 10% is allotted to the experts in exchange for their services.

Predict and Win

Predict and Win is a game devised by World Cup Doge where one can predict the outcome of the game and hope to win rewards if their prediction turns out to be true.

This P&W game will be available for every football game of the World Cup. Users wishing to change their decision can do so within 30 mins of the game kicking off without any restrictions.


WCD aims to launch its very-own, transparent, decentralized  Blockchain Casino by the second quarter of 2023. The element of transparency is attained through the provision of proof of stake and proof of funds.

WCD has also signed contracts with numerous centralized casinos that will help the firm in achieving its goals.

WCD Token

The total circulating supply of WCD tokens is 1 billion with tokens allotted for presale, liquidity, casino rewards, expert tools, sportsbook rewards, predict and win rewards, team, CEX listing, and partnerships.

WCD imposes a 6% tax on all sales of the token while the purchases are free of taxes. The presale of WCD will be held on PinkSale.