Taga Crypto

Web3 for Good: Taga-Crypto Debuts as a Pioneering Web3 Technology Platform for Social Impact and Education

Taga-Crypto aims to demystify the intricacy of Web3 and blockchain technology

A Philippine-based web3 technology platform, Taga-crypto, has soft launched with a mission of driving social impact and revolutionizing education.

Taga-Crypto emerges to empower individuals and communities by leveraging web3 and blockchain technology to create more inclusive and accessible resources. It aims to demystify the intricacy of Web3 and blockchain technology, making it accessible to everyone while igniting curiosity and fostering a well-informed community ready to embrace the future.

Emerging as a beacon of change and ushering in a new era of Web3 technology, Taga-Crypto is deeply committed to social impact and education.

The people behind Taga-Crypto are a community of passionate Web3 enthusiasts who are on a mission to explore, educate, and empower. Believing in the collective strength of compassion and generosity, the journey begins with the desire to create lasting change in the community.

“In late 2021, our Web3 guild initiated a donation drive in Pangasinan, providing goods to support fishermen affected by a typhoon. Inspired by the experience, we’ve made this an annual effort. Recognizing the potential to do more, we’ve decided to introduce Web3 technology alongside our donations. Our goal is not just to fill stomachs but also to empower these communities with knowledge, preparing them for a brighter future.” – Amirah, Taga-Crypto Founder

Empowerment through Social Impact & Education

Beyond sharing knowledge, Taga-Crypto is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those economically challenged. In addition to charitable endeavours, it is set to launch outreach and educational programs that will empower individuals and communities to harness the potential of Web3, through workshops, seminars, and an array of online resources.

The Web3 Merchandise Store with a Heart

A Web3 Merchandise store or Web3 Tindahan in Tagalog is also set to launch in 2024, offering a carefully curated selection of products inspired by the Web3 ethos, blending technology and creativity.

One distinctive aspect of this initiative lies in its commitment to directing 100% of the proceeds from merchandise sales directly toward supporting beneficiaries.

This approach ensures that every purchase made from the Taga-Crypto Web3 Merchandise Store directly contributes to aiding those in need. A purchase not just for style but also a contribution to building a brighter future.

Taga-Crypto is a movement, a community, and a force for change and education and is inviting individuals, organizations, and anyone with a curiosity for Web3 technology, a passion for education, and a heart for social impact to join on this transformative journey, contribute to communities, and shape a future where opportunities abound for all.