AnyPresence Launches Industry’s First Dynamic Xamarin SDK for Enterprise Mobile Apps

“Smart SDK” Provides Custom Xamarin Classes for Accelerated Mobile App Development with Powerful Enterprise Integration and Backend Services

AnyPresence, the leading cloud-based enterprise app platform, today announced the launch of its Xamarin “Smart SDK”, enabling developers to automatically generate custom Xamarin classes in native C# code. This combined solution significantly reduces development time and cost of both the user interface (with Xamarin Studio) and backend services with integration to enterprise data sources (with AnyPresence Designer) for cross-platform mobile applications.

The unique AnyPresence Smart SDK technology generates individual object classes and a complete modeling layer dynamically, based on the definition within the AnyPresence Designer. Developers do not need to know the details of the underlying data sources, and can take full advantage of type safety and auto-completion when building apps in Xamarin Studio. This means more intuitive, easily maintainable code, and significant acceleration when building mobile apps that connect to a broad range of enterprise data sources such as databases, on-premise and SaaS applications, middleware, and API gateways.

“The combination of AnyPresence and Xamarin provides a powerful mobile app solution for enterprise IT”, said AnyPresence CEO and Co-Founder Anirban Chakrabarti. “Businesses can now have the best of both worlds: a best-in-class enterprise mobile backend service from AnyPresence combined with a leading cross-platform mobile app development solution from Xamarin.”

The AnyPresence platform complements the latest Xamarin 3 release, which enables developers to use the Xamarin Designer for iOS to build the user interface layer, while leveraging the AnyPresence Smart iOS SDK for backend connectivity and data management. Developers can also take advantage of AnyPresence authentication adapters and extensions such as push notifications, SMS messaging, and email alerts.

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The AnyPresence Smart SDK for Xamarin includes several industry firsts such as:

  • Dynamically generated C# classes for each object
  • Consistent create, read, update, delete (CRUD) methods, regardless of underlying data source
  • Object query scopes, enabling streamlined filters on underlying data sources
  • Local and offline caching for native iOS and Android apps
  • Dynamically generated test scripts and documentation for each object (available in Q3)

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