Apsima Unveils White-Label Option For Mobile Proximity Awareness Platform

Available For Immediate Deployment by White-Label Partners

Apsima have officially released their white-labeling option for beacon manufacturers, enterprise app developers, and others to take advantage of Apsima’s proximity aware features in order to offer more complete solutions to their clients by packaging it with their own services. The white-label option is a great way to add Apsima’s proximity awareness platform to enterprise offerings, without the costs associated with development. Apsima handles all hosting, upgrades, managements, and more, while skinning the platform with custom colors, logo, and URL.

Apsima was the first complete solution to be made commercially available to developers, providing them with everything they need to turn their ideas into unique context aware applications. Apsima provides a rich API, mobile SDK’s (Android and iOS), web dashboard, and a well thought out feature set including connectivity, messaging, and mobile payments, utilizing any proximity sensing BLE beacons.

The platform is applicable to a wide range of use cases and can be utilized to create innovative solutions by implementing any of Apsima’s features for relevant messaging, automatic check-in, foot traffic analysis, hands-free mobile payments, user authentication, and more.

“Up till now, other platforms display features chiefly useful for targeted marketing,” said Farid Bakir, Apsima’s VP of Business Development.

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“Our experience in developing mobile apps guided us to present a more comprehensive solution that would broaden the use of Apsima beyond a marketing and communication tool to a much more ubiquitous building block for any mobile or web based app development project.”

“Ultimately, our goal was to provide an all-inclusive package that would allow developers to take connected app development to an entirely new realm, one with great flexibility and a virtually limitless pool of potentialities,” said Bakir.

“Now, we have extended the use of Apsima even further, by allowing white-label partners to offer their own personalized version of our platform to their clients.”

Now mature in its 2.1 iteration, the platform is available for immediate deployment by enterprise and commercial parties. Apsima is currently inviting them to give their API and SDK’s a try, for free.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]