DELHI launches in Beta with new StartUp feature

Blockchain asset trading platform DELHI launches Beta version

Blockchain asset trading platform DELHI has launched in Beta with a new feature, StartUp, to screen high-quality digital assets through a Smart algorithm model, forming a trend of good money driving out the bad.

Since its inception, DELHI has continuously combined user feedback and launched an innovative digital asset trading platform integrating digital currency trading, coin information, blockchain asset issuance, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain public charity and other multi-functional features to provide immersive experience for users after market research.

According to DELHI data, funds investing in Ethereum have seen net outflows for 11 consecutive weeks, with the total amount of outflows reaching $459 million this year.

Last week, there was a net outflow of $39 million from digital assets, and investors saw a net outflow of $5.8 million from the short Bitcoin ETF, but the Bitcoin ETF achieved a net inflow of $28 million.

At the beginning of last week, the short Bitcoin ETF once reached a record high of $64 million in asset management.

DELHI said in a report Monday that investor bearish sentiment is gradually peaking as bitcoin prices have fallen to the lowest level since 2020.

DELHI launches a crypto ecosystem of independent blockchains that expand and interoperate with each other and are connected via the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to protect customer privacy.

The DELHI network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that requires the ATOM cryptocurrency, which can break down barriers between blockchains to allow users of the platform to easily use token applications from a variety of independent blockchains, thus trading with each other.

After years of development, DELHI provides secure and stable digital asset trading services. Users can experience one-stop deposit/trading/withdrawal services at DELHI where they can enjoy professional online trading services of BTC, ETH, BCH and other mainstream digital currencies.

It has the advantages of fast transaction, low transaction cost, well-availability, high security, privacy protection, openness and transparency, diversification, inflation protection.

DELHI also explores the application of blockchain technology in multiple fields and uses the trust mechanism reconstructed by distributed technology and consensus algorithm to integrate blockchain technology into public welfare.

By doing so, it links up with communities, platforms, technology companies and investment institutions, aiming to establish a new ecology of public welfare on the blockchain mode.

At the same time, DELHI sets sail for globalization by opening a global airdrop program. The global program gives newly registered users and promoters 5USDT rewards, launches transaction rebate program, which returns most of the fees to users and promoters.

The online time of rebate program activities are subject to the official website launch.