NFT Cross-Chain MarketPlace

MetaNFT brings a multi-crosschain NFT marketplace

MetaNFT token will be a loyalty-based token

MetaNFT has launched a Multi-CrossChain NFT marketplace, the first NFT Cross-Chain Marketplace.

Routing systems already exist but are either incompatible with or poorly suited to the world of NFTs. When Artists wish to suggest work, they usually have to deposit it in several different Marketplaces, with different blockchains in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers or fans. With MetaNFT’s ‘multicrosschain’ routing system, Artists will only deposit their NFTs only once and will have direct access to all the fans, irrespective of their method or chain of payment.

The world of NFT has seen a huge leap over the last few years. Everybody has heard about it. This concept is revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency world, and this is only the beginning. Numerous marketplaces have emerged, each with their own features, but most importantly, each with their own choice of blockchain.

Most of these marketplaces use a blockchain to validate their transactions. Unfortunately, this system has its limits. As the number of blockchains keeps growing, only people using the required blockchain can take advantage of their NFTs.

It is complicated to find your way around because of the restrictions caused by the blockchains. Some artists use ETH, others use BSC or Polygon, making it difficult for everyone to agree.

There is a need to create a marketplace that can overcome the restrictions due to various blockchains, A place where sellers will be able to choose their own blockchain and sell their works to anyone, no matter which blockchain they choose.

MetaNFT Marketplace

The NFT market is huge with a sales volume of $24.9 billion in 2021 which is already at $7billion in January 2022 and above all the competition is very intense. Thousands of platforms exist offering works of all kinds. The key question is how to stand out from the competition.

MetaNFT marketplace will address many limitations found on other platforms. The first and the most important thing of all is how to move cryptocurrencies through all of the different blockchains available on the market.

The R&D team at MetaNFT has developed a routing system to instantly convert cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another and specifically designed for the NFT world called the “MULTICROSSCHAIN” router.

For example, an artist who offers artwork and wants to sell it in ETH can do it on our platform, but what is new is that the buyer will be able to buy it with BNB, Matic, etc. Alternatively, if they want to sell their work in BNB, they can also be paid by a client in ETH.

Intuitive and User Friendly

MetaNFT’s cross-chain marketplace will provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. The Sellers will be required to log in to the marketplace and upload their NFT. They must fill in the NFT information, Title, Description, and Metadata. Once the NFT is uploaded, the sellers will be able to choose the currency in which their NFT will be purchased. For example, BNB, BUSD, USDT, or even ETH, etc.

Once the Currency is chosen, they will have to determine the price either by bidding or at a fixed price. Once the bidding method is chosen, they have to decide on the amount of the royalties.

As for the buyer, they will be able to buy any NFT with the currency of their choice. For example, buying a product with a price in ETH will be possible with BNB or BUSD. With regard to taxes and to ensure fairness, the fees collected on our Marketplace are 1%. The royalties are at the discretion of the seller, and they can determine the amount directly on the platform at the time of the sale.

Marketing and Development

The existing NFT space is not only innovative but particularly competitive. Besides the fact that the MULTICROSSCHAIN routing system will enable buying and selling with any blockchain, a marketing plan is clearly in order since they already filled their hard cap for their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

They have recruited a public relations team that has devised a fairly substantial plan in view of becoming one of the most essential platforms in the NFT ecosystem, including a series of press releases, partnerships, influencers, and even TV commercials.


MetaNFT Token

The team believes that cryptocurrency will become a fully recognized means of payment in the near future and therefore decided to tokenize the Cross-chain platform, the MetaNFT token will be a loyalty-based token, they have established a unique and above all, a very lucrative rewards system:


The team will distribute half of the rewards to the most long-standing holders. The longer you hold on to a token, the greater your rewards will be. However, and for the sake of transparency, as soon as you sell all or part of your tokens, you will be automatically be downgraded from the list, so be sure to sell at just the right time


The remaining half of the rewards will be allocated to the top 1000 holders, the higher you stand in ranking, the greater will be your rewards.



The MetaNFT token has a static supply of 100,000,000 tokens, each token will be subjected to buying and selling taxes as follows: 

 A total of 8 percent tax on buys further breaks down to 5 percent for rewards and 3 percent for Development whereas there is a total of 14 percent tax on sells with 5 percent going to rewards and 9 percent going towards marketing.

Out of all the taxes, 10% goes back to our 2,000 most loyal holders, which is already huge.


Metaverse appeared a few years ago and generates enormous traffic. Visits to this type of platform number in the billions. Some very large global Firms have already purchased ad spaces in order to take advantage of this global traffic.

Who has never dreamed of being able to admire works and enjoy them directly from home, without leaving the comfort of one’s own living room, by having instant access to masterpieces in just a few clicks?

A project has been taking shape in the minds of the MetaNFT team ever since they conceptualized their marketplace. This project would be based on the simple idea of having direct access to their NFTs in VR or developing virtual museums according to the theme of the works or to their history.

It is already possible to see the Louvre, the British Museum, or New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, but the MetaNFT team is on a mission to democratize this passion in the Metaverse.