Apple makes iWork’s apps available for free

Within days of making its apps available for downloads on Pinterest, Apple has now made its productivity suite iWork’s apps available on its web browser for free.

Users can now downloads these apps either by logging in wth their existing Apple credentials or by signing up as new users.

The suite brings with it a Pages word processor, Numbers spreadsheets software and Keynote presentation app among other features.

The Pages processor contains a range of stylish templates for making newsletters, flyers, CVs and business cards. It offers ways to edit images in several ways using brilliant graphic effects that sets it apart from most web based word processors.

The Keynote app also brings in a revolution in template design that leaves the basic Windows templates far behind in terms on ideas and variety. However, the option of inserting videos in the app hasn’t been enabled yet.

The documents created on the suite can be saved either in PDF or .docx formats for easy printing.

Apple will also let users save and upload files on iCloud for the future, though users will need to upgrade their iPhones to iOS 8 to use the feature. The new move by Apple brings it, for the first time, in direct competition with giants like Microsoft and Google over a common platform.