Doritos launches DoritosTriangle metaverse on Decentraland

Doritos is coming to Polygon and launching a metaverse experience on Decentraland.

Doritos is launching Doritos Triangle Metaverse, welcoming both native cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency users.

The experience allows users to create their NFT avatar, and then use it in the game. Players can change their skin colour, hairstyle, clothes, and shoes, as well as try out different accessories.

After typing their name into their 3D avatars, players begin the experience by exploring the triangular tower on the second floor.

Depending on how many game points they score, players will have a chance to win one of two NFT avatars, which include a mix of RTFKT’s Clone-X #12118 with Takashi Murakami and Larva Labs’ Meebits #24.

The company will also give away 8 wearables, four unlocked and four locked, as well as two custom gaming platforms from BRParadox, which will be minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Like most brands looking to build relationships with their customers on web3, Doritos will allow fans to have their NFTs for free.

The event will launch on Feb. 8 and will run through Feb. 10.