Ubitus and Intel to offer new Android cloud gaming and metaverse solutions

Ubitus K.K is working with Intel to enable Android and Windows games in the cloud

Cloud gaming provider Ubitus K.K is working with Intel to enable Android and Windows games in the cloud. As an early access partner, Ubitus cloud solution is fully tested and ready when Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series is commercially available.

Ubitus provides cloud gaming solution with GPU virtualization and streaming technology. With Intel Flex Series GPU, Ubitus will be able to effortlessly stream AAA games with 4K resolution and advanced features such as ray tracing.

Furthermore, Ubitus solution will be able to run Android games to start, followed by Windows games on the same server equipped with Flex Series GPU’s, eliminating the need of dedicated servers for each type of games, resulting much lower TCO for platform operators such as telecom company.

Other than games, Ubitus cloud streaming solution will be able to support many metaverse applications with ease, regardless whether the applications are developed for desktop or with mobile audience in mind.

Ubitus anticipates the new Flex Series GPU to accelerate the development and adoption of many more immersive and interactive content in various vertical markets, such as manufacturing, fashion, and real estate.

With innovative GameCloud technology, Ubitus is able to stream interactive media content with immersive experience on multi-devices for platform operators and digital content developers, to accelerate metaverse popularization with broad applications.