Shemaroo Theatre

India’s Shemaroo to open a cinema on Decentraland Metaverse

Shemaroo Theatre patrons will be treated to a Bollywood movie every Friday

Shemaroo is to launch ‘Shemaroo Theatre’ on Decentraland, in partnership with Filmrare, a leading Metaverse Consulting & Development Company.

Shemaroo Theatre will present the virtual visitors an all-new exciting screening experience along with a host of other movie experiences such as a plush lobby, box office counter, virtual trailer zones, along with popcorn and drinks counters for an immersive storytelling feel.

The patrons will be treated to a Bollywood movie every Friday, which initially will be free for the users. This is a vital step by Shemaroo towards its vision to be a vibrant youth brand.

Fractilians from the Decentraland DAO Governance Facilitation Squad, commented,

“We are beyond thrilled to have Shemaroo Theatre on our platform and to bring some of the Bollywood’s greatest films to our existing as well as potential metaverse users. This will surely take the whole movie-watching experience to the next level without limiting the possibilities of what one can do in an actual movie theatre.”

Hiren Gada, CEO, Shemaroo Entertainment added,

“Shemaroo has been the pioneers in the entertainment industry by constantly evolving and by being relevant to the consumers through its diverse content offering.

As a brand, Shemaroo has always fostered the culture of innovation and technology and with the augment of Shemaroo Theatre on Decentraland Metaverse, we will be spearheading a parallel ecosystem for Bollywood movies to be experienced on a big screen, now from the comfort of one’s home.”

Taking the Web 3.0 expansions, a notch higher, in its 60th year, Shemaroo Entertainment is poised to lead the transformation for the entire media and entertainment industry.

Shemaroo Theatre on Decentraland Metaverse is located at 2,55 within the SciArtLab district.