K-pop group Cherry Bullet coming to the Metaverse

Cherry Bullet will join the Gemie platform to connect with their fan community, Lullet, in the metaverse. The K-pop group will leverage Gemie’s team and platform to build a closer connection with fans through interactive metaverse experiences and digital assets.

With their recent albums Cherry Rush and Cherry Wish, Cherry Bullet has been gaining global popularity and are breaking their previous sales records.

The group is always finding new ways to engage with their rapidly growing fan base, and joining Gemie is yet another move that will help them interact with fans using Web3 technologies.

Gemie’s team is in a great spot to integrate traditional entertainment players with Web3 thanks to the support of some of the leading investors in the industries and a team with years of entertainment and gaming experience.

Gemie will be a one-stop platform that provides celebrities and artists with the possibilities, tools, and resources they need to accomplish their virtual goals.

Gemie will work with celebrity partners to co-create NFTs and host virtual events in the metaverse to provide fans with unique benefits and experiences.

“We’ve been looking for new ways to connect with our community and tell them how much their support means to us,” Cherry Bullet says in a statement.

“We are excited to work with Gemie as their team has the capabilities to build the digital items and spaces we’re imagining. We think Web3 provides new ways for us to interact with our fans even though we’re not in the same place, but we’re not sure where to start so Gemie is the perfect partner!

This is all very new to us but we are excited to venture into the metaverse and want to invite all our fans to join us on this new journey!”

Since the close of their $3.8 million fundraising round, Gemie has been establishing partnerships with influential figures in the Asian entertainment industry and building out their platform. The co-founders have mentioned that they are in discussions to bring on more entertainment figures including K-pop and J-pop idols.

Recently they have launched their Alpha for early users to create their own custom avatars, decorate their own Gemie Rooms, and explore the Gemie Town Square to complete missions and earn rewards. Click here to check out more about Gemie Alpha.