Nano Labs Nasdaq

Nano Labs goes public on Nasdaq by ringing the bell in the metaverse

Nano Labs listed on Nasdaq, releases its ‘Web3D’ chain iPolloverse

Nano Labs announced a meta-universe listing ceremony for officially landing on Nasdaq, making them the first company in the world to go public on Nasdaq by ringing the bell in the metaverse.

Nano Labs is a metaverse chip technology-focused underlying infrastructure service provider, who will build a rich metaverse chip matrix by providing products and services around the metaverse chip (Nano), metaverse computing device (iPollo), metaverse rendering network (iPolloverse) and other tracks.

The company’s products include high-throughput computing chips (Cuckoo), high-performance computing chips (Darkbird) and distributed computing and storage solutions (Darksteel), which currently have a wide range of applications in the metaverse space.

It is also making breakthroughs in privacy computing, visual computing and other fields. Its main product, the Cuckoo series of chips, is the world’s leading high-throughput computing chip with Nano’s exclusive floating-point unit architecture, featuring high arithmetic power, high bandwidth, high bit width, low latency and a high-performance ratio.

At the same time, Nano Labs announced the establishment of iPolloverse, a metaverse-underlying rendering platform, which will enable high-frequency asset creation by efficiently creating all assets in the metaverse network on the chain in an unprecedented way.

Polloverse will be a powerful support for the meta-universe and will ultimately realize the vision of weaving the underlying network of the meta-universe.

Jianping Kong, founding partner of Nano Labs, said:

“It is our mission to provide ubiquitous chips and computing networks for the continuously exploding metaverse.”