Telefónica brings its MWC stand to the metaverse and Movistar Plus+

Telefónica has virtually recreated its physical stand through Microsoft's AltspaceVR platform

Telefónica is making it easy to follow the Mobile World Congress (MWC) by providing two alternatives that will allow you to connect remotely and with maximum detail to everything that happens at the company’s stand.

On the one hand, anyone wishing to take a virtual tour of the Telefónica stand can do so using a computer or virtual reality glasses with the AltspaceVR platform, the virtual reality social platform owned by Microsoft; and, on the other hand, through the Movistar Plus+ menu it will be possible to follow all the presentations that Telefónica will be hosting in the Ágora of its pavilion.

Telefónica has virtually recreated its physical stand to make it available to all users who want to experience and discover in detail the demos that the company will present at the fair, follow live immersive presentations given by executives and partners that will take place in its Agora and have the help of a guru who will solve any questions or queries from the user on the spot.

It is also possible to interact with any person/avatar who connects to the experience to share impressions.

Access to this new meeting place can be done through Virtual Reality glasses such as Meta Quest or simply through a PC. All the steps to do are indicated on the Telefónica website developed for the MWC.

Telefónica’s virtual stand at MWC is the result of the strategic agreement that Telefónica and Microsoft have maintained since 2019, a relationship that continues to evolve in order to be present in the developments presented by Microsoft.

Telefónica launches the MWC Living App for Movistar Plus+ users

For the first time, Telefónica is offering a live Telefónica event through its television platform. Movistar Plus+ users with a UHD set-top box will be able to access all the presentations that will take place at the Telefónica stand conveniently through the ‘Apps’ section of their TV menu.

More than twenty talks with experts and gurus from the technology industry and different sectors to keep up to date with the latest news from the company.

The app will be available from Monday 27 February, the start of the MWC. Once the fair is over, it will continue to be available to view the presentations. In addition, exclusive content from the five demos on the stand will be uploaded, among other things.