VoxBox launches NFT Sale at Decentraland’s ‘Metaverse Fashion Week’

Presentation will be the public’s first look at VoxBox’s offerings

This week, fashion week enters the digital world as Decentraland hosts its own Metaverse Fashion Week.

That’s why the recently launched NFT designer VoxBox will be showcasing its latest products on Decentraland’s runway this Friday, March 25, 2022 8:50pm UTC. Their presentation will be the public’s first look at VoxBox’s offerings, including two wearable robot skins to be used within the Decentraland Metaverse.

VoxBox was launched earlier this year by two voxel creators who met within Decentraland, Al known as ThanosBNG and Daniel known as Daniel’s Architect. Though they lived across the globe from one another physically, with Al based in Texas and Daniel in Dubai, the two struck up a quick friendship and recognized their common passion for creating distinct voxel designs, each made up of different sized and coloured boxes. The end result is a wearable work of art that calls to mind the 19th century Cubist art movement with its striking, geometrical shapes.

While VoxBox is launching its offerings with the two robot-themed NFTs (VoxBox #0000) it’s revealing at the ‘Metaverse Fashion Week’, the company has a much grander vision in mind.

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“A percentage of what we sell go towards funds to someday buy our own land,” says Al, the co-founder of VoxBox and a member of the Texas Blockchain Commission.

“We want to create a VoxBox smart city within Decentraland with schools and shopping.”

Decentraland is one of the leading Metaverse projects in the world today. It’s a platform that has already implemented many of these features, including online NFT marketplaces, digital real estate, and online events.

Decentraland’s ‘Metaverse Fashion Week’ is merely the most recent example of this. And it’s already attracted major players within the fashion industry, including Tommy Hilfiger.

VoxBox will Launch its NFT wearable VoxBox #0000 on March 26, 2022 at Decentraland Marketplace.