XDC Network Joins Metaverser With Help Of Globiance

Arrival of the XDC network will boost the already existing partnership between the global finance giant Globiance and Metaverser

Earlier this year, Globiance Founder and CEO Oliver Marco La Rosa and Anoush Ohadi, Founder of Metaverser, forged a partnership to build a necessary framework to create broader platforms, expand the combined user base, and open a gateway for worldwide adoption of their technologies. 

Globiance already has a presence in Metaverser’s Crypto Valley after establishing the first “Branch” there to facilitate operations and offer services to clients.

Globiance has now played a major role in helping XDC Network join Metaverser’s Crypto Valley by purchasing Prime Metaverser ‘Real-estate’ just for the XDC Network, introducing it into Metaverser and setting the stage to combine their resources without the physical limitations of the real world.

Upon talking to the media, Globiance CEO Oliver Marco La Rosa said,

“I am proud of the work done by the XDC foundation, especially the efforts of Atul Khekade and Ritesh Kakkad, our long-time friends and business partners. We wanted to show our appreciation for XDC, by inviting them to join us in the Metaverse.

The “real-world” is no longer the limit and, working together, the future ahead looks very bright indeed. ” 

The XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain designed to power enterprise use cases, while remaining flexible enough to meet growing industry demands. XDC is the native asset of the XDC protocol and may serve as the reserve cryptocurrency for all third-party apps running on the XDC Network. 

The arrival of XDC Network in Metaverser’s crypto valley will give it a huge boost in the form of Blockchain 4.0.  

The XDC Network can now be promoted from within the Metaverser from its very own building in Metaverser’s Crypto Valley.