IMA and Microsoft Partner to Advance Digital Marketing Education

The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) – the industry’s largest organization dedicated to the profession with over 1 million members worldwide – is partnering with Microsoft to deliver its online Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) education program to Microsoft Dynamics business partners and employees. The program will provide participants with the foundational digital marketing education needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing online business environment.

“Microsoft is proud to partner with the IMA to offer this extremely innovative online certification program that will provide marketers and managers with a deeper understanding of increasingly important areas of business,” said Julie Zunker, Director, Readiness Capabilities and Enablement, Microsoft Business Solutions.

“We hope this exciting new offering will bring the best practices of the industry to all involved.”

The program, provided online by the Internet Marketing Association, is designed to assist and educate Microsoft Dynamics marketers and business managers with the business value of Internet Marketing and how it can be leveraged across areas including acquisition, conversion, and retention of customers.

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Participants will be introduced to a broad array of marketing strategies and best practices including lessons covering an overview of Internet marketing, online acquisition, online conversion, online retention, online analytics, and data-driven marketing. The course also addresses the advantages and challenges of Internet marketing, including identifying crucial differences between online and traditional marketing.

Participants will learn from experienced Internet marketing practitioners drawing upon decades of combined experience at numerous pioneering companies in the field, all delivered with the ease and convenience of the IMA online learning platform.

“The CIM education program – and the designation of being a Certified Internet Marketer – are becoming must haves for marketing professionals across the industry,” said Sinan Kanatsiz, IMA Chairman.

“We are proud to partner with Microsoft in serving the educational needs of the Dynamics business partners and employees in gaining Internet marketing expertise.”