rtRemote Turns Windows 8 into a Remote Control for Any iTunes Library

Software company Bizmodeller have released rtRemote for iTunes, the only app to offer iTunes remote control functionality with Windows 8.

rtRemote, developed by UK based software company Bizmodeller, is an app that integrates iTunes into the new Windows 8 interface for the first time.

Windows 8 launched its modern touch interface over 18 months ago but there has been no functionality that allows iTunes users to manage their media from the Windows 8 platform, until now. iTunes is a leading music application used by an estimated 500 million people across 119 countries so the release of rtRemote for iTunes is good news for many media collection owners.

Tami Reller, Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft’s Windows division acknowledged the need for integration with iTunes last year, saying that “iTunes is in high demand. The welcome mat has been laid out.”

Bizmodeller’s new Windows 8 app rtRemote turns any Windows 8 PC or tablet into a remote control for any iTunes library. It is a similar concept to Apple’s own ‘Remote’ app for iPad and iPhone, offering all the same functionality on Windows 8 / 8.1. Users can easily control music, podcasts, TV series and movies through a slick, touch-enabled interface from any Windows 8 Pro or RT device, as well as access all iTunes metadata and cover artwork. The app even boasts a ‘Now Playing’ live tile.

Until now, users could install traditional desktop iTunes on a regular Windows 8 PC but it meant leaving the glossy tiles of the Windows 8 Start screen and going back into the old style desktop mode every time a music track was selected. Running iTunes on Windows RT is even more difficult as iTunes does not run on ARM processors so cannot be installed on any RT tablets like the Microsoft Surface.

Just as with Apple’s own Remote app, rtRemote users can tap the speaker button to select an AirPlay device to stream media to or tell iTunes to play a film on an Apple TV. It is even possible to select multiple AirPlay speakers to stream music throughout the whole house in ‘Party Mode’.

Bizmodeller advise that the app is not a replacement for iTunes as users still need to have it running on a home network. However, rtRemote brings the Windows 8 Metro interface closer to the Apple world and the company promises there is more to come. “Right now, rtRemote is a remote control for iTunes however we’re currently extending the product to stream your media from iTunes so stay tuned!” says Bizmodeller’s director.

Available now in the Windows Store, rtRemote for iTunes is the only app that integrates iTunes into the new Windows 8 interface. The app is free, supported by adverts which can be removed with an in-app purchase.

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Bizmodeller (http://www.bizmodeller.com) is an IT software and consultancy company set up in 2001. Bizmodeller specialises in multimedia solutions and software with advanced functionality that allows users to enjoy and manage their media collection seamlessly. The company has developed a range of unique products that provide a comprehensive set of iTunes’s feature extensions including the groundbreaking iHomeServer application which runs iTunes as a Windows service.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]PR Newswire