Alchemy launches rollup tool to help developers create their own chain

Alchemy Rollups lets developers launch and scale their own chain.

Blockchain tech firm Alchemy has launched a new tool called Alchemy Rollups, which lets developers launch and scale their own chain.

Rollups from Alchemy offer developers a dependable and complete framework for building on Ethereum. This change is critical to Ethereum’s long-term viability, particularly given the growing need for decentralized applications (dApps).

It will provide developers with a full toolbox for rollup-centric development, to streamline the process of designing, optimizing, launching, and growing layer-2 blockchains while focusing on scale, speed, and cost-efficiency. 

According to product director Monica Garde, Alchemy’s service provides developers with the same “battle-tested infrastructure” that drives some of the most trusted networks in decentralized finance (DeFi).  “Running a node is not that difficult; the hard part is doing it reliably, and at scale.

Alchemy Rollup

To improve the developer experience even more, Alchemy has teamed with industry giants such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and CelestiaOrg. These collaborations seek to provide high throughput, assist Superchain developers, and facilitate permissionless, high-throughput decentralized applications.

Rollups are intended to reduce congestion on layer 1 networks. 

When designing rollup-centric chains, developers have the option of using zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs or optimistic systems.

“We’ve been watching the industry shift towards rollups and are excited to see leaders in this space begin to operate their own chains. Our mission is to bring access to web3 to billions of users, and enabling developers to run their own chains is a critical step towards that goal,” Alchemy Product Lead Monica Garde said.

“We’re thrilled to help developers harness the power of our entire developer platform and our battle-tested, reliable infrastructure to launch their rollups and help their ecosystems flourish.”