Apple Watch Series 9

Apple warns using non-certified Apple Watch Chargers

You can also check the manufacturer of the charger using your Mac:

Apple has recommended all Apple Watch users to only use chargers made by Apple, or chargers that have completed Apple MFi certification and use the Made for Apple Watch badge.

The company warns that if you use a counterfeit or uncertified charger, you could experience slow charging, repeated chimes, and reduced battery lifespan. 

If your watch charger is made by Apple, one of the following model numbers appears on the cable:

  • A1570
  • A1598
  • A1647
  • A1714
  • A1768
  • A1923
  • A2055
  • A2056
  • A2086
  • A2255
  • A2256
  • A2257
  • A2458
  • A2515
  • A2652
  • A2879
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You can also check the manufacturer of the charger using your Mac:

  1. Connect your Apple Watch charging cable to your Mac. 
  2. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click General in the sidebar. 
  3. Click About on the right.
  4. Click System Report.
  5. Click USB.
  6. Choose your watch charger to view details.
  7. Locate the manufacturer. Watch chargers made by Apple list Apple Inc. as the manufacturer

To identify third-party chargers that have completed MFi certification, look carefully at the charger’s packaging and at the charger itself. Authorized Apple Watch chargers use the Made for Apple Watch badge on their packaging.

To check whether your charger is certified, you can search the public database of authorized MFi accessories