AT&T Powers McDonald’s USA’s New Customer-Friendly Digital Menu Boards

AT&T, LG and STRATACACHE Collaborate to Help McDonald’s USA Roll-Out Digital Menu Boards in Restaurants Across Country

It may not be something you think about, but the menu makes a big difference in what and how you order when dining out. AT&T has collaborated with STRATACACHE and LG to provide a completely integrated solution with Digital Menu Boards for McDonald’s USA’s business.

AT&T is providing project management and connectivity for the Digital Menu Boards through an existing relationship whereby AT&T provides WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi services in over 14,000 McDonald’s U.S. Restaurants.

STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media 4.0 digital signage software provides a dynamic merchandising solution for single and multi-panel menu board solutions  With ActiVia, select McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. can easily change menu board items, adjust pricing, day-part menus, and promote special and premium items at will. Additionally, STRATACACHE provides all system operations, restaurant specific content scheduling, remote monitoring and management and media players.

LG is providing cutting-edge display technology with its 47-inch class LED monitors to bring a new level of clearer image quality. The LG Full HD displays, at least five displays per McDonald’s location, are ENERGY STAR certified, supporting McDonald’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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“Our customers are responding positively to our new menu boards.  It is easier to see our great tasting food on a digital display,” said Patrick Phalen, McDonald’s Vice President, US Information Technology.

McDonald’s is deploying Digital Menu Boards to an additional 650+ company-owned restaurants. The new Digital Menu Boards are designed to enhance customers’ in-restaurant experience while helping the business lower operating costs and digitally deliver content for menu options and promotions to McDonald’s restaurants.

For more information on Digital Signage from AT&T, visit here.