Betaverse Launches Fully Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Betting Platform

Betaverse emerges as a blockchain-based decentralized platform.

Betaverse has established itself as a blockchain-based decentralized platform. In the latest development, the platform has expanded its services by introducing self-governed, fully decentralized Peer-to-Peer Betting Platform features.

The growing popularity of connected devices, the adoption of Betting, and the evolving digital infrastructure all contribute to the demand for Betting.

Therefore, Online betting opportunities provided by Betaverse allow players to monitor betting activity in real-time using internet-connected devices escalating the betting market growth as well as the betting market trends and forecasts.

In addition, the feature of Online Betting comes with no limit on what people can bet on, no maximum or minimum limits on the amount they can bet and no rollover requirements.

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Moreover, it requires no intermediary who can interfere with the integrity of the Bet, it is fully decentralized, and the USERS from the community initiates the betting process. It includes the following characteristics:

  • People can BET with any genre or event, whether Sports, Politics, Global Affairs, Movies or Even Crypto. 
  • Betaverse allows its users to deposit BET tokens to either join a bet, start their Bet or be an Arbitrator. It generates token-buying pressure.
  • The currency used for Betting will be a stablecoin, so there will be NO real selling pressure.

Since everything is decentralized, the winner takes all with Winner + Losers POT, which is proportional to one’s contribution, also known as Bet on the Pot.

The Tokenomics of Betaverse are as follows:

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 $BETS
  • Token Buy/Sell Tax: 0%
  • 3% fee on losers pot, wherein 1% will be rewarded to Arbitrators. Eventually, 2% will be used for BUYBACK and BURN

Furthermore, BETaverse is a platform of simplistic approach for betting with clarity on the prediction betting process and the results of the bet post the respective bet event among the participants keeping ambiguity at bay.