Concordium Name Service

Bictory Finance launches web3 domains on Concordium

Web3 domains to simplify transactions on the blockchain

Bictory Finance has launched the Concordium Name Service (CNS), a wallet naming system that maps human-readable names to blockchain addresses for a more friendly on-chain experience.

The CNS enables users to mint blockchain domains to replace the lengthy string of alphanumeric characters, which serves as wallet addresses, with human-readable and memorisable names, like john.ccd.

This allows to simplify transactions and dapp interactions by giving it human-friendly names.

CNS domains can also serve as a decentralized website domain name. The names on this service have the “.ccd” top-level domain derived from Concordium’s token ticker, and it supports single digit and character combinations, such as a.ccd or 0.ccd.

Bictory Finance is a Web3 technology company building multi-chain solutions to bring safety to DeFi & NFT investors, founded in 2019 by Joha Sulaymonov.

Its product portfolio boasts of a centralized exchange, BictoryEX, to make trading easier & friendlier, Multi-chain (Now on Solana & Concordium) NFT Marketplace with an extra focus on creators, the Concordium Name Service (CNS) to make surfing Concordium more user friendly and a DEX (coming soon). 

“The top level domain market (TLD), like .com and .io extensions, which are issued and controlled by a centralized authority is now being challenged by the open and free market of blockchain domains.

For example, unlike TLD domains, a CNS user has full control over the domain, with all records live on the public ledger, and the ability to earn royalties from secondary sales,” says Joha Sulaymonov founder at Bictory.   

Besides, the advanced CNS domains on Concordium enable a person’s unique ID to have an authentic, web3 identity, which could be the dominating factor when decentralized domains become widely adopted.

Registering a domain name on CNS attracts two fees; a yearly subscription fee and network fees. CNS domains start at $10 per year for a 6+ character domain.

Domain names with fewer characters are priced higher in subscription fees, the priciest being a two characters domain which costs $150 per year. Single characters will be auctioned out.  Mint one today at