Secusuite for Government

BlackBerry unveils new SecuSUITE for Government features

New features, being made generally available by the end of the year

BlackBerry today unveiled new advanced features for BlackBerry SecuSUITE for Government, the company’s secure voice and text communications software.

SecuSUITE is used by over twenty governments today to protect them from electronic eavesdropping for unclassified through secret communications. The technology is backed by some of the most stringent security accreditations including from NATO’s Communications and Information Agency (NCI) and the United States National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

The new features, being made generally available by the end of the year, include:

  • Secure browser and secure enterprise applications
  • Encrypted video calling with recordkeeping compliance capabilities
  • New messaging features, including the ability to retract messages and inter-application data sharing
  • Enhanced group calls with audio mixing on each mobile device
  • Enhanced administrative features, including group controls and one-click data wipes that are compliant with recordkeeping requirements
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Furthermore, next year, quantum resistant cryptography for key exchanges will be added to BlackBerry SecuSUITE.

“We live in a world where government communications are at a growing risk of being intercepted and we must constantly adapt to an ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Christoph Erdmann, SVP Secusmart at BlackBerry.

“We are always innovating so that our products meet and exceed the needs and standards of government entities, to do our part in protecting national security. These advances in BlackBerry SecuSUITE bring new security and user experience value to end users and administrators.”