Brightbox Launches the Brightbox® Mark3 Mobile Phone Charging Platform

Brightbox has announced the launch of the Brightbox® Mark3 mobile charging platform which enables consumers to continue to communicate, navigate, search, shop, share, pay and play on their mobile devices. The Mark3 has bee n recently deployed at BBC Comic Con, British Airways, CEDIA, Columbia Law School, EMM Group, YOTEL and many other locations.

The new Mark3 mobile charging amenity surpasses its predecessors in speed, convenience and ergonomics while maintaining the strictest security protocols that continue to make Brightbox the most turned to and trusted name in mobile charging. With its unmatched UL and agency certified, PCI compliant security and safety regime, the Mark3, employs the strongest cryptography to ensure the physical and data integrity of phones being charged. Additional visual security and live monitoring is now available via an in-unit camera for remote identification verification.

Larger 10” high-resolution displays improve visibility, navigation and user interaction while providing more space for brand messaging and content delivery. Brightbox stations are supported by a robust technology platform that provides improved and fully customizable marketing, sponsorship and venue interaction for advertisers, owners and operators, as well as detailed reporting and data analytics.


The Brightbox® Mark3’s larger, spacious chambers improve ergonomics with retractable cables for simplified charging and now sport a size that accommodates the latest and greatest “phablet” devices. Compatible with nearly any mobile device available, the Mark3 delivers the safest and quickest charge possible at the fastest optimized manufacturer’s recommended rate.

“In this day and age a charged phone is a must have. Not only has Brightbox improved our patient and guest experience, it is also being used by our team members,” said Jenna Stallard, Customer Relations Manager at Orlando’s Health Arnold Palmer Medical Center in Orlando Florida.

“Brightbox as a company is extremely responsive and is invested in our satisfaction and our needs.”

Unlimited time charging sessions via the Brightbox amenity are offered for free or for a nominal fee. Users can continue to communicate, navigate, search, shop, share, pay and play, resting assured that their phones are being safely and optimally charged in a station that delivers both data privacy and physical security. Users simply swipe a credit card to open an available station chamber, plug in their mobile device, close the chamber and return later to swipe the same card to retrieve their charged phone. In a world where smartphone penetration exceeds 50% of all mobile phones, Brightbox is empowering the mobile world to stay charged and connected while on-the-go.

“The Brightbox® Mark3 is the ideal, next natural step in the evolution of secure mobile charging,” said Andrew Skurdal, Brightbox’s Chief Product Officer.

“We’ve created a best in class product where everything just fits right—from its visibility within a venue space and for on screen navigation to the natural ergonomics of the station’s functionality and each chamber’s retractable cable cartridges and space. Our company has the depth and expertise to provide security and safety across multiple dimensions.”

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