Brisepad Team launches its Decentralized Exchange

The multipurpose exchange will allow users to trade their tokens as well as stake or farm them for more rewards.

The Brisepad team has launched its decentralized exchange which is designed to bring the true meaning of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the cryptocurrency community.

The multipurpose exchange will allow users to trade their tokens as well as stake or farm them for more rewards.

According to the team, BriseSwap is currently the most advanced decentralized exchange built on the Bitgert Chain. The goal is to assist with fueling the future of mass-market blockchain applications that will subsequently be built on the Brise Chain.

The Launchpad was created to ensure that only well-vetted and quality projects are built on the Bitgert chain.

Through the Brisepad Launchpad, crypto users can invest in the Initial DEX Offerings of some verified and selected projects on the Brisepad platform. The team is willing to support creative ideas that are launched on Bitgert Chain

The team also announced that its decentralized exchange, DEX, is live at Through the platform, the Brisepad team hopes to bring true DeFi to Bitgert Chain to provide utility to token holders in addition to increasing liquidities for projects.


The Brisepad team is giving its decentralized exchange the widest coverage. The DEX presale is the planned first project on the launchpad. The cryptocurrency community is invited to the presale which will take place on June 7, 2022.

Income generated from the DEX fees has been earmarked for burning Bpad and Bswap tokens. This is to further increase the tokens’ values and make them more attractive to prospective and current holders.

The current swap rate is 1 BPAD = 1.82 BSWAP.

Pooling and Farming

The team offers two pooling options: Manual BSWAP and auto BSWAP. As the name implies, you can take part in staking your tokens automatically and earn a good APY for as long as you desire.

Alternatively, you can manually stake some tokens at your convenience and earn attractive rewards as well. Investors have committed thousands of tokens to manual pooling too.

Farming is another earning opportunity the team extends out to investors. They are invited to stake liquidity pool tokens to earn.


Besides staking or farming, investors can also trade their tokens for any currency of their choice or exchange their digital assets for the BSWAP token.

Investors in the project are offered an opportunity to generate passive income through the project’s pooling feature. You can stake some tokens on the platform and stand a chance to earn low-risk and high APR rewards.

Before you can trade, you must connect any of the supported digital wallets such as MetaMastk, TrustWallet, MathWallet, SafePal Wallet, WalletConnect, or Token Pocket to your account.

After connecting your preferred wallet to your BriseSwap account, you can proceed with trading on the platform.

BriseSwap’s Launchpad is live and investors can check it out here.