Cheetos Chesterville

Cheetos launches “Chesterville” in Horizon Worlds

Chesterville is a digital suburban neighbourhood based in Meta’s Horizon Worlds

PepsiCo subsidiary Cheetos has launched “Chesterville” in the metaverse. The snack brand has partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web3 agency Vayner3 to develop the Halloween-themed experience. 

Chesterville is a digital suburban neighbourhood based in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. The game features a variety of virtual locations that host different gamified tasks, where players can earn points for their “mischief meters.”

The points grant users access to the exclusive virtual mansion located on “Cheetos Hill.” Once unlocked the location, players can decide whether to bring back a special Cheetos flavour from the “dead” or not. 

In addition to earning the in-game points, Cheetos fans can also unlock gaming experiences via the Cheetle Codes, available on the brand’s social media. 

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Nada Stirratt, vice president of the global business group at Meta said,

“Forward-thinking brands are beginning to build immersive experiences and we’re thrilled that Cheetos is leading the pack with their launch of Chesterville, their first-ever virtual reality experience in Meta Horizon Worlds.

It’s exciting to see such an iconic brand use our platforms to experiment and connect with consumers in new, innovative ways. We can’t wait to see how users everywhere embrace their inner Chester Cheetah this Halloween and beyond,”

Meta has limited access to the gamified experience, allowing only Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset owners to visit Chesterville.