Create One-Click Google Street View Panoramic Photos With 360Heros

360Heros, a company specializing in virtual reality camera technology, has developed camera systems that allow photographers to create their own Google Street View spherical images

360Heros has developed camera systems that allow photographers to create their own Google Street View spherical images. These panoramic photographs are fully interactive and can be uploaded to Google Maps, Google Business View and Google Photosphere.

Known as Plug-N-Play Holders, these mounts position multiple GoPro cameras in an array that captures a full 360 x 180 degree field of view. By using a GoPro remote, photographers can simultaneously fire multiple GoPro cameras while they are mounted in the holder. With the option to select various GoPro settings, it is possible to capture single panos or to shoot multiple panos at an interval. This allows photographers to effortlessly capture every angle of an environment with just one click at resolutions as high as 13,000 by 7,500 pixels.

After stitching the images together in panoramic photo and video stitching software, users have multiple possibilities for uploading their work. For example, Chris du Plessis is a well known photographer using 360Heros gear to create virtual tours for Google Business View. Google Photosphere is another option, as it allows photographers to upload their panos and have their work associated with their Google+ profile.

Considering that there’s no reduction in quality, 360Heros is a time saver. It’s easy to use 360Heros gear and the GoPros because you just walk, press a button and take the panoramas. Everything is captured which you can then virtually experience.” Stated Chris du Plessis in regard to working with 360Heros gear.

Submitting panos to Google Street View is another option that adds compatibility with Google Cardboard VR headsets and the Samsung Gear VR. This means that people can discover panos and explore locations in an immersive environment. From the perspective of business owners, 360Heros gear is a way to let people explore stores and facilities directly from their mobile device or computer.

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