Dashible to launch NFT Marketplace for Locally Sourced NFTs

A NFT marketplace dedicated to promoting local businesses

Dashible is to launch an NFT marketplace specifically designed for local businesses. The NFT marketplace will allow local businesses of all sizes to create and sell NFTs.

What makes these NFTs stand out is that–beyond being unique collectibles–they will act as blockchain-powered VIP cards that give their owners exclusive benefits at the businesses that issue the NFTs. 

In line with the company’s focus on providing value to local businesses and the community, Dashible’s Locally Sourced NFTs are created in conjunction with local artists and creators who have a connection to the community. 

If any NFT is subsequently resold, a portion of each sale will benefit the original artist as well as the sponsoring business.

A novel feature of the NFTs is that their design code is location-based, can be displayed within the Dashible mobile app and “activated” when the owner is at or near the location(s) built into the NFT code.

“Our mission is to be the super app for local businesses and to provide these businesses access to technologies that are currently reserved for larger companies,” said Dashible’s CEO, Marvin Johnson.

“Our new NFT offering will let local businesses get ahead of the NFT curve and allow everyday consumers to purchase NFTs that actually provide benefits in the physical world as well as being digital works of art.”

The service will initially be made available to businesses in the New York City metropolitan area but will expand throughout the US in the coming months.

Interested businesses and creators can join the waitlist and visit the company in person during their pre-launch event during NFT.NYC.