DONO Metaverse Phone

DONO Metaverse Phone brings Cyber Security Technology Advances

Color Star Stresses Importance of Network Security with DONO Metaverse Phone

Color Star Technology announced its official entry into the mobile communications industry earlier this week with a co-developed metaverse smartphone, DONO Metaverse phone.

After the phone was revealed, it quickly became a hot topic of interest inside and outside the industry, and the public was interested in the metaverse phone concept in addition to the advanced security system of the smartphone.

With the increasing use of communications technology and artificial intelligence, the metaverse has become one of the hottest topics for major technology companies to research and develop.

At the start of this year, Color Star’s previous Color World mobile application was successfully transformed into ColorWorld Metaverse (“Color World”).

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The virtual locations, avatars and NFT products found in the newly rebirthed app were applauded by many users and the number of downloads subsequently skyrocketed, prompting the Color Star team to strengthen the application’s security to fend off hackers.

Now, Color Star’s DONO phone will act as the conduit between users and the metaverse, trying to ensure it is never out of reach. It is a small smartphone that will open the gates to the metaverse technology and effortless communication and interaction made possible through artificial intelligence.

DONO Metaverse Phone

Regarding the software of the DONO phone, Color World will be pre-installed on every DONO phone, capable and optimized for VR, IR, AR and 5G technologies.

Mobile device security is Color Star’s top priority, and its technology team will be providing extensive support to the research and development of the security system, trying to ensure that the phone will receive regular security updates to fend off the latest hacks and exploits.

The DONO phone will utilize a distributed file storage system and a decentralized storage server to make it an almost impossible task for hackers.

Future plans also include introducing a digital wallet feature “Dono”, and cloud storage service “Dinbin”.

Farhan Qadir, CEO of Color Star, said:

“Color Star is a technology company, so there are two things we value highly: one is software development, and the other is cyber security. Our upcoming DONO phone is aimed at the global market, and our priority is to ensure exceptional user safety and software stability.

Our own Color World app will also introduce more people to the metaverse experience. We will provide more technology services and front-end projects in the future.”